Creating has always been my major driving force in expressing myself, starting with drawing comics at school, later as a rock’ n’ roll lead singer, then as a fashion photographer and indie filmmaker. After graduation in film and animation in 2009 I was awarded a scholarship in Hollywood and worked at Constantin Film and Warner Bros before hitting the commercial market as a director. My shortfilms, music videos and commercials won dozens of international prizes.

For years I studied the Hollywood book of tricks to bring the same magic into my own films. For me it is the mixture of entertaining, thrilling and impactful storytelling, big scope images, genre set pieces, jaw dropping action sequences and layered worldbuilding. In 2015 I founded the Directors Duo - a creative powerhouse that pioneered on the edge of technology and made its mark in the commercial-, film- and gametrailer-world. Till now I have sharpened my skills on over a hundred movie-productions worldwide and try to bring all my experience in creative development, scriptwriting, working with actors, technical knowledge, photography, editing, VFX and music composing into every project I work on. No matter if this is an action packed scene for a Marvel blockbuster like “Ant-Man”, a thrilling trailer for a million dollar game franchise like “Assassin’s Creed”, “Just Cause”, “Rocket League” or “League of Legends” or a slick looking design piece for the most desired car brand on the planet like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Cadillac, Porsche etc.

Creativity for me is a muscle I trained over the years to make the impossible possible for my clients and to bring their and my own visions to life.


2018 Winner “Best Cinematogaphy” Ciclope Award “Panasonic - Hollywood to your home”
2018 Nominee “Best Cinematography” Deutscher Werbefilmpreis “Amazon Prime Now”
2014 Nominee Deadline Award Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival “Laguna Morta”
2014 Nominee Best Film 99FireFilms Award “Kollision”
2011 Winner Young Professional Award JUFIFE “entzweit”
2011 Winner Best Film JUFIFE “Human Behaviour”
2011 Winner Best Camera 99FireFilms Award “Puls der Zeit”
2011 2nd Price Vilsflimmern Award “Der Massl-Effekt”
2011 3rd Price Kurz&Knapp Kaliber 35 “Was wiegt ein Leben?”
2010 Gold Best PR New York Filmfestival “Hübner - Gelenksystem”
2010 Winner Best Film Jugendfilmfest FrankenTV “Human Behaviour”
2010 Winner Best Film Bayerische Staatskanzlei “Der Massl-Effekt”
2010 Winner Best Film HS Ansbach Kurzfilmacht “Human Behaviour”
2010 Winner Best Comercial HS Ansbach Kurzfilmnacht “The Frog”
2010 Winner Best Musicclip JUFIFE “Hold on to me”
2009 3rd Price Best Film JUFIFE “Hold on to me”
2007 3rd Price Musicvideo Camgaroo Award “Aggro Grünwald”
2006 2nd Price Abseits Wettbewerb Medien Campus Bayern “BallaBalla”
Christopher Schlierf
+49 160 - 81 77 648